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Norrbotten is a county rich in handicrafts. There is an increased interest in Norrbottnian craftsmanship and form, where unique, locally produced and sustainable works, products and services of high quality are in demand. It is part of the region's tangible and intangible cultural heritage with traditions, customs and practices that have been passed down between generations. Our work is to sustain and develop the area both as culture and industry.

Within the craft area, there are educational actors, museum activities, foundations and a rich life of associations. Norrbotten County's Home Crafts Association is an active party in association life and the Committee for Home Crafts is an important part of the infrastructure as the craft area lacks institutions in the county. There is also a widespread interest in crafts among hobbyists, many of whom have solid craft skills. In today's digital society, geographical and physical boundaries are dissolved and the traditional folk craft is combined with other art forms and influenced by new movements. It leads to forms of expression where traditional idioms and techniques meet contemporary and future depictions.

In the design area, Svensk Form Norrbotten operates, which is a regional association of Svensk Form whose activities are based on the government's mission to promote Swedish design.


The craft and design consultant works strategically and operationally to strengthen, promote and develop the craft, craft and design area
in Norrbotten with a focus on craftsmanship and small-scale design.

Strengthening children's and young people's opportunities for craftsmanship and form and developing their own ability to create with their hands is a central part of the function. The consultants work actively to create more meeting places for craftsmanship and form, implement skills-enhancing efforts and activities that benefit professional cultural creators and hobbyists. Actions that are carried out take place in collaboration with other actors regionally, interregionally and nationally.


initiate and support initiatives for educators and supervisors so that children and young people in Norrbotten will have more opportunities to create with their hands

highlight the connection of the craft and design area to sustainable development and support initiatives around reuse and sustainability

support initiatives that explore contemporary expressions and influences in craft and form

promote the conditions for professional craft and design practitioners to develop and operate in the county


Slöjd- och formkonsulenter* | Norrbottens museum* | Ájtte – Svenskt fjäll och samemuseum | Norrbottens läns Hemslöjdsförening | Sámi Duodji, Sameslöjd- stifelsen | Svensk Form Norrbotten | Kulturskolan i Jokkmokk | Studieförbund | Sámij åhpadusguovdásj, Samernas utbildningscentrum | Älvsby Folkhögskola | Professionella kulturskapare | Föreningar

*Included in the cultural cooperation model

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